Providing a Safer and Better Golf Course Environment

Self-Cleaning Surfaces

Clean based on technology, not toxins. NanoSeptic skins and mats protect golfers at high traffic…

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Golf Carts

The game of golf was meant to be an individual game, with a golfer traveling directly to their…

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Golf Bag Ready Sanitizers

1.69 ounces of USA Made Hand Sanitizer with versatile clip for golf bag, backpack, purse, etc. 80% Ethanol Alcohol by volume. FDA approved.

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One golf course at a time

The Golf Industry is headed for major changes ahead, fueled by a transitioning golfer demographic, along with a new normal as a result of COVID-19. Golf Course Ready is leading the way in bringing advanced technologies which make the Golf Industry a better place for all. Our Company leaders pioneered plastic spikes, hybrid golf clubs, GPS devices, robotics, single rider golf carts and many more new categories in Golf.

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SafeGolf Resources

Golf Course Ready is a leader in providing innovations and new technologies which create a safer and better environment for golfers in this new abnormal period now and ahead. We work closely with the major organizations in Golf to enhance the game, including the NGCOA, GCSAA, PGA, NGF and USGA. In addition, we are owned by the largest marketing firm in the Golf Industry, The Duran Group. Sign up for our newsletter to receive FREE updates on best practices, new innovations and success stories of golf facilities who are thriving in post COVID-19 periods.

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